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This is my site-portfolio, where you can find projects, programs, ideas, which were (or will be) implemented in life.

A4business — is a label of projects, which are created for everyone who requires them in business.

Most of our projects I’ve done are for telephone industry, however, as every company requires different type of application in business, after creating core system, (VOIP billing/routing platform) each time there is a need to organize company mail exchange server, CRM system, monitoring and, of course, to make it work together.

One can order commercial and multifunctional system, others could find good balance in price/quality/functionality with open-source. In both cases there are plenty of work — commercial systems usually won’t work exactly like business needs, and a lot of adjustments have to be done by custom plug-ins. The open-source is like an art of sculptor — start with a billet, and end-up with needed form and contents.

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Video channel with video lessons : VoiceMaster system : https://vimeo.com/user36231282/videos Click2Dial demo: https://vimeo.com/116351462

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4 thoughts on “About us

  1. cenani

    I want to get more detailed and pricing information about this product.
    Can you support.
    Best regards

  2. sysoper Post author

    Product is under opensource license, you can install as use it as it, but without guarantee.
    I can support it and run development, integration and installations for you and your clients. Install updates
    Pricing depends from the amount of work, level of expierence involved for yout tasks.

    use «Contant Us» button to send email directly to me for more details.

  3. calin

    Hi, do you have any updated version or this one it’s the last?

  4. calin

    hi, tried to install pbx on several distros (ubuntu, debian 9, 10, 11), centos, but on all got a lot of errors regarding dependencies, can you help me, please? thanks!

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