This is my next completed project, the web application for Sending/Receiving FAXes online. In this post you can find details about service, and how does it work. Feel free to discuss it, or contact me if you are interested in similar products.
Most VoIP business phone system providers allow you to receive faxes on your main voice number, any extension, or with a dedicated number
With this WEB application, any one can  finally take fax machine  to museum, forget about paper/ink worries and start receiving/sending high quality images over the traditional phone lines, convert FAXes to PDF files

About FAX service

Sending FAX over VOIP

VoIP faxing, similar to telephone-based devices, can operate entirely over the Internet. Traditional fax machines are not required and this service is relatively inexpensive. Faxes are sent and received via email, computer, mobile devices, or a VoIP faxing program. This process is useful for saving money and time. VoIP technology has made faxing a relevant communication option.



How VoIP Faxing Save Time and Money

Fax over VOIP returns your cost for equipment, power, inc, paper, phone bills. Free space on your desk

The VoIP faxing process occurs entirely over the Internet. This saves businesses money that would be associated with operating a physical fax machine. More importantly, businesses no longer need to pay for machine maintenance, paper, and ink. The cheaper the VoIP fax plan, the better. There are several providers that offer services for as little as $5 per month. These plans typically include a specific number of faxes for free. Most providers start with around 500 free and charge for additional faxes. Businesses can upgrade to a better plan if more faxing is required. It is important to compare the cost associated with a fax machine to the cost of a VoIP fax service. In some instances, businesses can pay anywhere from $50 to $400 a month.
A business should understand that physical faxing requires the use of paper. Some businesses pay more than $10 for 500 sheets of faxing paper. Over the course of a month, this can become a costly expense. Using a VoIP fax service can save money by eliminating the costs associated with purchasing paper. VoIP faxing saves time and increases production. The VoIP process is seamless and does not require maintenance or physical steps to send faxes.
Fax machine ink is an expensive operating item. Saving money on buying ink can be helpful to business overhead. One ink cartridge can cost more than $30 and many fax machines require at least three ink cartridges. Over time, this can become costly for a business.
It is important to remember that fixing a broken fax machine can cost more than $100. In some cases, it is less expensive to replace the machine all together than to have it repaired.
There are many ways a business can lower expenses and save money by using a cost-effective VoIP fax provider. Businesses should save time and money by upgrading their office equipment with a VoIP fax system.


FAX service

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