ANT — Advanced network tool

This is WEB-based application for network services analysis. It helps administrators to track different network services from different locations. For example — same ping or traceroute command output will look different, when executed from China, USA or Australia.

Application is linux-based, and consists of:

  • WEB interface (1 main server)
  • many remote servers (Linux) connected together with main server

Also any linux tool/command can be integrated into this distributed network of agents, and every server output will be displayed on one page at main server.

Another usage of the tool — is remote servers control. Having 100 agents connected together, administrator can send remote command to all servers with one button click and see response. Thus every remote server could call certain URLs, mails, measure any values available in linux.

ANT - register sip/h323  account at a remote VOIP server

ANT - register sip/h323 account at a remote VOIP server

ANT - registered servers

ANT - registered servers

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  1. sysop Post author

    Tested it on several datacenters. Hepled to detect routing problem.

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