Security services

Security services

We offer general security services for telephony systems.

What is it :

In VOIP business, you have to protect system from un-authorized call flow, which resets account balances and theft your traffic.
Our expierence shows, that every VOIP system in the network scanned several times per day with program-scanners to detect weak accounts, simple password.
Installing fail2ban will minimize your risks, it checks system logs — and dynamically block scanner by iptables firewall:

Scanners banned  after 5 tries.

Scanners banned after 5 tries.

.. but it is only 1 step.

We do a complex of tools and actions, which helps to minumize the risks to maximum:
— email technical support regarding secutiry questions in telephony — we react as fast as possible on your request and help to take control over situation;
— automatical regular system backup, and recovery by request to prevent data losses;
— examine your system for default passwords, weak software, default locations, URLs;
— database optimization, access restriction

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  1. Neo

    How to contact you in case of urgent?

  2. sysop Post author

    We provide mobile number for SMS in case of urgent.
    Our engineer gets it instantly.

  3. sysoper Post author

    We can have certain agreement for 24/7 or 8/5 hourly availability with our team.

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